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Cool Download 1.0
You would need a new tag for each link...
Yes you can't put them all in one Rolleyes
can that be over come is there any changes available for that
[Image: underarchivesigoq3.jpg]
[Image: 14613em4.gif]
Well what exactly do you expect?? It put the link inside a set image, so just put each link in a tag.
what said was the entire link to come under one download box. instead having one for each link
[Image: underarchivesigoq3.jpg]
[Image: 14613em4.gif]
Yes but it can't stretch the image can it??
It's meant for one link.
oh ok then i will deactivate the plugin Smile
[Image: underarchivesigoq3.jpg]
[Image: 14613em4.gif]
You'd rather not sue it than use a new tag for each link??

How weird.

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