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Please add your Forum URL
What mod are you talking about?
(Oct 21, 2008, 11:00 AM)Phyrrus Wrote: What mod are you talking about?

Nothing, he just made some spam posts but has been hit with the ban stick.
lol the ban stick. you should join my forum.
But I don't like the Government, don't know anything about the US Government, and don't like phpBB either.

Anyway I'm derailing now so I'll stop.
Ok, then but its not all govt. its got a hacking forum.
But is it as good as HF?? My guess would be no.
Please stay on-topic this isn't a general discussion forum.
Right, but as Jesse said i am now going to stay on topic now.
Alright, my forum url is added.
my site is but still incomplete

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