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Public Ban Information
Ok, more than 3 months have elapsed Big Grin Do you have some free time for my low-priority request? Rolleyes
Try this.

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.php   bans.php (Size: 1.81 KB / Downloads: 8)
thanks labrocca!!

If it's not too much asking, can you please go to the code again, and check if you can extract the "Ban Lenght" value? ... I would do that myself but I don't know how to use PHP functions very well T_T
Ugh...reasonably speaking you have to be a dipshit to see when it started and when it ends and not be able to figure out the length.
Damn, mybb developers must be a bunch of dipshits... xD

Ok, you can mark this thread as solved then Tongue

I will look for help somewhere else :'>

Thanks anyway ^^
Here this is EXACTLY how you show in the image. That took me almost half an hour to get just right so I hope you really appreciate it. Personally my old way was better as it gave more information. The method mybb used doesn't give the start date and end date while mine did. Now you have 3 versions you can use.


Attached Files
.php   bans.php (Size: 1.91 KB / Downloads: 4)
Big Grin !!!

I love you xD

Thank you very much!!

Really appreaciated ^_^

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