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Testimonials please
I am considering having a small testimonials page. I was hoping I could get a few from existing subscribers and then link to a page from the subscription page.

If you are interesting in writing one you can either post in this thread or you can PM it to me. I can't promise to use it but I hope to. If you want your testimonial to be anonymous please PM it to me along with an "anonymous" request.
Well i can write one .......... Smile by Labrocca has the best plugins for MyBB....... I think almost each and every user of MyBB does know this.
But the best i liked here was the support.The support is Excellent.I got a few problems and they were resolved within no time,adding more i must say that those issues were not only relating to plugins, but they were other general problems. Labbrocca helped me in every way he can to solve them. Great Guy,Great Site.

So I must say I am very happy to be subscriber here and a part of MyBB Central.
Proud to be MyBB Central Subscriber Smile
Thanx Labrocca for creating all this for us.

My Testimonial:

In my short time as a member of MyBB Central, I soon came to the realization that this was the place to be. I promptly became a subscriber in the hopes of helping to spruce up my forum. And let me just say this...I wasn't disappointed!

Labrocca has given, much time and effort into developing so many quality plug-ins for the MyBB community as a whole. He, along with the rest of the MyBB Central community, are also very prompt in giving support for those plug-ins. If ever a problem arises, Labrocca is more than willing to go out of his way to ensure that problem is solved.

Aside from the great plug-ins that Mybb Central has given us, they also possess a genuine, caring attitude towards it's members. If you have a question or need help with any aspect of the Mybb software, someone is always there to answer it. Or if you just need to ask advice or get someone's opinion...they will see that it is provided to you.

Joining Mybb Central was definitely a move I will not regret. My hat's off to Labrocca and everyone that helped make this place a "role model" for other forums of it's kind.
I'll think about this one!
for me mybb central is best place out there who provides the best mybb plugin for at great price .i have no idea how to thank labrocca he saved me Big Grin .thz a lot labrocca Big Grin
[Image: underarchivesigoq3.jpg]
[Image: 14613em4.gif]
Labrocca isthe best i think too. He sticks up for Mybb So much at DP, i help too sometimes. its funny when there are SMf and Mybb wars xD
Plugins by Labrocca at are, in my opinion, the best myBB plugins available. Labrocca gives 110% all the time; not only in creating well written and useful plugins, but in offering clear concise directions and first class support. You can trust that using mods from MyBB Central will only benefit your forum community. Subscribing to MyBB Central was my honor, it was the very least I could do in return for Labrocca's hard work and dedication.
Chainzs Testimonial:

I have been a member here at MyBB Central for almost a year and this here is by far the best place for all the MyBB plugins.
Recently i had problems with one of the plugins i wanted to use on my forum ( Plugin that does not come from here ) and after trying for weeks and not being able
to fix it i asked the one and only Forum God "Labrocca" for help and guess what... He fixed it for me and all my forum members are happy now :o)

Once again Thank U Labrocca
I will always be a Subscribed member here as long as i have my forum online.
Oh and if you ever need a good Playstation 3 Clan to play with you now know where to come. :o)
Emailed mine yesterday Smile
My testimonial. is and has been the place to get all your "quality" plugins and Assistance. The creators here are exceptional at what they do and create. I am a relatively new user to MyBB, Perhaps 3 years now but over that time i have searched the net and found most places related to MyBB. There is no place like Every owner of a MyBB forum knows this already.
The support is second to NONE. The level of respect i offer to Labrocca and Lex and others here is second to none.

I joined forums like to get plugins etc as most do. I have found i have made friends here and this is in part testimony to what is offered here. Not just downloads and plugins. But a community of helpfull members wanting and willing to help each other in the quest for the "perfect" forum.
My hat goes off to you Labrocca especially and the rest of the team here. I would not own a forum if it was not for mate.
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