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attachment-code for google
I have a dream.

In my forum I have pictures. The announcement is a preview.
Example: side; attachment
The picture is indicated in the browser with the name: attachment.php?aid=33

But the name of the picture is: Kirche Nikolaus II. Gania Jama.jpg

I want to have, the picture should be indicated in the browser and for the Google with the name Kirche Nikolaus II. Gania Jama.jpg and not attachment.php?aid=33.

What can I do? Rolleyes
You will need to probably alter the entire attachment system of mybb. The reason it's an attachment ID is so you can protect the file name so it's not hotlinked and to create protections for groups. With the actual file name your attachments could be downloaded and viewed by anyone without registering.

What you SHOULD do is add the title tags to the images. That would be SEO friendly too but would leave your files open to download if someone figured that out.
This text would feel well.

attachment.php?aid=33.Kirche Nikolaus II.Gania Jama.jpg

The Google should select the names and the visitor should see thumbs.
You find this picture also in the Wikipedia. This is my picture and my text.
In der Wikipedia ist der Link: Picture .... index.php?title=Bild:Kirche_Nikolaus_II._Gania_Jama.jpg&filetimestamp=20080628143815

Thus it would be wonderful for me.

What must be changed and how in MyBB. I know not enough about that. Sad
It's not that easy and's not worth it for you to do it. Why not just upload them via FTP or to an image host?
See the link - Picture search of Google - The pictures number 2, 3 and 4 are my pictures.

However, for my forum I would also have with pleasure this possibility. In the forum the pictures are not selected by the Google picture search, it is "aid=33" link and no name from picture. Rolleyes
I know what you are asking. To accomplish that will not be easy and I won't do it. Sorry.

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