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Auto Subscribe To Threads?
What do you need to do to make it that all new members replying to threads get automatically notified of replies?

ie instead of a user going into usercp & selecting, its selected by default
Post is around here somewhere with a description how...Ugh..change default in phpmyadmin and run a query to alter all existing ones.
can you be abit more clear please
Try this:
thank you for that
Did it work?? Test by registering and seeing what option is showing first.
i'll setup a test account soon & let you know how it went
You don't have to set one up, just see what shows on the registration page.
well it wont be for a while now, cos i have to do the WHOLE thing from scratch!
to cut a long story short, i was installing some mods, was testing my board.
Went to post & got an error something about querie table does not exist in lin.

So what im gonna do is re-install mybb, & test the board after i install each mod so i know which 1 caused the problem.

i Think i know which 1 done it, not 100% sure yet tho
I really don't recommed you do this. Imagine every thread being subscribed by every members posts. You will be sounding out possibly thousands on emails a day.

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