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This is an awsome theme and its free.
Can someone help me.. Im trying to remove the quick search on the very top of the page and also the navigation bars on top and bottom like help memberlist etc.... Thanks
It should be in the header template.
Thanks i got that taken care of... How can i center the image thats on the left..... The logo?
oops link dead
offline.gif is missing
can any one provide link for it?
(Mar 10, 2009, 03:42 PM)videoexpert Wrote: Thanks for the link!
I just download the file with the new link provided above and I still get the same error message.

Maybe I'm doing it wrong.. any sujestions.

1)I download the file: FreshGreen_mybb_1.4-theme.rar
2)I next try to upload under: Themes & Styles > Themes > import a theme
3)then I select local file and find and selcet the file FreshGreen_mybb_1.4-theme.rar
4) I click on import theme
Then I get the error message.

Please let me know if I am doing somthing wrong.
Yes you're doing it wrong
ok so ACP-->templates&style--->import a theme select the .xml file parent theme blahblah also check the "Ignore Version Compatibility" and import theme although before doing all that you have to upload the images to your ftp.
(Nov 07, 2009, 12:26 PM)killer Wrote: offline.gif is missing
can any one provide link for it?

actually not offline..
its buddy_online, offline,away,delete all images are missing..
someone please upload them?
outstanding theme guys..
but still problem..
postbit_warn, postbit_online,offline,away images are missing..if some one can upload them then it will great...
here is live demo

cheerz Smile
The online and offline images should be easy to get. You can just get the one from the default theme. The other images you are looking for are gonna be a tuff one to get. Its no where to be found even the ones in the other fresh themes those are missing so your best bet is to create some.

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