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My website and forum
LOL haha omni
he got pwnedTongue

but how do u know it was his dad for real?
Copyright infriction breaches any contract made.

So if that member (or anyone) has broken copyright laws, it wont even stand up in court!

When someone makes a claim for refund via paypal, paypal will issue a refund if the 'Product' has not been recieved.
Obviously you can proove to paypal that member has recieved their subscriber account but was banned due to breaking your copyright law
Yeah well...still waiting for his fathers response to my rather informative email. I hope the kid gets grounded for 2 weeks. Smile

Oh and I reported his site to his ISP who will most certainly delete his hosting account. Never understood why people start hacker sites without reading their hosts TOS.

I just looked too and it appears he has totally uninstalled his forum.
I agreed.
My hosts (including myself) state that no illegal content are allowed

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