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Earn as a Publisher with Kontera
(Dec 27, 2008, 03:37 PM)Icy Wrote: Is this offer still standing? Tongue
If so, do we have to ONLY register under your referral?

Get approved..
Ok, does that means I just have to register under labrocca's referral?
You can register however you want but under my referral I get a small percentage back. This doesn't effect your earnings at all.
I just want to say on one site I am now making $3 per day with Kontera with a strong PPC and CPM. It takes time but don't be discouraged if you don't have instant results.
Have you ever got payed?

and would they accept
Yes a couple times already. As for your site getting accepted...I think it's too new and small.
Labrocca i have sended you 2 pm with my mails but i am not getting invited?
Can you check it please?
hi labrocca if this subscription offer still stands....... take me in.....

my old mail id
hi labrocca i'm having problems wit the mail id i gave u before pls send the invite to "new mail id " if ur satisfied wit my site...... Shy ... sorry for the changing...Rolleyes
hi labrocca i din get my invite yet to my new mail id.....???

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