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JERO - mybb 1.4x exclusive theme
You could also do

<!-- if lte ie5 --><strong>UPGRADE YOUR DAMN BROWSER</strong><!--endif-->
(Jul 30, 2009, 02:26 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: You could also do

<!-- if lte ie5 --><strong>UPGRADE YOUR DAMN BROWSER</strong><!--endif-->

Lol, that's awesome, or you could use the Too cool for IE plugin to get them to switch to a BETTER BROWSER!
(Jul 28, 2009, 04:22 PM)labrocca Wrote: It might as well be dead.

Gotta be true, the developer, although making a nice looking theme is very unreliable. I say give the project to another developer.

You say its done and will be ready by end of the week. This is a month later and you havn't even said you have been delayed Tongue

but good luck finishing it. Could be a good few months to go tho.
this looked like it was going to be a great theme too, lets just hope that one day he releases it.
Theme is ALIVE:
Panning out bugs and issues, sign up and give me feedback as i tweak the last few things.

I know, i KNOW this has been a long time coming but i have honestly been beyond busy with personal family problems and stuff, thanks to most of you for understanding and to those that gave up on me, haha well, hope this helps redeem myself a bit eh? Wink

Public release date of the theme is VERY VERY close, just gotta fix the last few issues with the theme and add my ubber hot nav hover over effect!
The MIT Dropout - Guy
WE HAVE LIFT OFF. (kinda haha)

[Image: jero.png]

The Jero MyBB Theme Download/Support Link

Quote:A huge thank you to labrocca and all the great members here who provided me with valuable feedback on the JERO MyBB Theme and constant support! Without you guys I honestly would not have bothered to complete this theme…so thank you.
The MIT Dropout - Guy
lol 1 year, but the result is excellent!
haha cheers mate. and im really sorry to everyone for the insane delay...just lots of family issues and personal stuff happened etc. Hope you all understand Smile
The MIT Dropout - Guy
Just an update guys, got V1.2 coming out soon with custom graphics as buttons, a sign out feature and fixed a bunch of little bugs Smile Hope all those using it so far are enjoying the theme!
The MIT Dropout - Guy
Gratz on the release! Also, I have a small suggestion but would make a really big difference. Make the edges have a nice, smooth curve. Get rid of all those sharp angles. Smile

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