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JERO - mybb 1.4x exclusive theme
(Oct 07, 2009, 06:36 PM)evilalex Wrote: Gratz on the release! Also, I have a small suggestion but would make a really big difference. Make the edges have a nice, smooth curve. Get rid of all those sharp angles. Smile

I actually missed that step, will adjust the edges before I release the next version, thanks for reminding me Alex Smile
The MIT Dropout - Guy
np, glad I could help.
Jero updated with minor bug fixes but there's a final update coming with the graphics later tonight or tomorrow Smile

Feel free to grab the latest updated version here:
The MIT Dropout - Guy
Sure it's exact. Someone copied it from this thread. Your claiming this guy contacted you last month. Yet Jero screenshot was posted a long time ago. Last year even. Now if someone paid you to convert the theme or to code it that's not designing it. You are NOT entitled to any credits as a designer by coding the source. That's reality. Also if you were ripped off for doing that job it's not related at all to Mybb Central nor is it my problem. And if you didn't get paid for the coding work this doesn't give you any rights to the design.

I want an explanation on your claim you designed something hundreds of users have seen in this thread for months now.
Did someone post something that I didn't see? lmao!!
From you're post jesse, seems like someone is claiming this as their own eh? funny that.
This is mine 100% from start to finish and the design evolved actually based off a lot of peoples comments in this community.

Now if someone took the screenshot, or the html based code I had up on (before i took that blog down) etc, and claimed it as their own, well to whoever is complaining, i'm sorry but that isn't MyBB Centrals problem, nor is it mine Smile

Also, labrocca, thanks for removing such drivel from whoever it was, much appreciated.
The MIT Dropout - Guy
Just so you know. A member claimed at Mybboard a MikeK gave him a design to convert to MyBB. He did the job then wasn't paid. He then send me a PM asking me to delete this thread claiming "he made the theme". Of course it's ridiculous as I know you made it. He later recanted trying to say he only converted it but only after I pointed out he had zero rights to a theme design no matter what since he did not design it.

You can read part of his BS here:

I am pretty sure you can have him banned there or at least warned if you complain to staff about the theft and claim it's his when it was not. He was stupid not to see how old this thread was and how aware people were of Jero.

One thing that's odd though is the timing of your "release" with his own completion. I don't really care if you used MikeK as a proxy to hire this guy. It's not my business but on face value it's odd that you took a year to make this and just when this guy completes coding the theme you release it.

And to be honest. If you wanted you should have just given me the permission to code this. I could easily have taken your design and made this a theme. You didn't need to pay me as I would have been happy to have it here on the site. It's very popular. Make a new design and let me code it. I can do it in a few hours.I don't even need you to slice images.
You have no idea how much I respect you mate, and honestly, I kept you informed of my MIA's and noted a few times why that was. I can't say I know who "mikeK" is but I have lots of friends on many forums (0600am) and 5fifths forums etc that I shared this theme with, as I did on here.

Recently, and before this theme was 'completed' I had asked for some help here and there on some of these forums, as you know this was my first every mybb theme and it's very different from smf themes for example, at least to me it is, and i'm not ever great at those haha.

So the thought of someone on one of those forums simply taking the demo I had posted, which was html/css based as I'm sure you lot can remember, is possible. Seeing as how I had not yet published it they could have very well hired this guy to convert it into mybb. If that's the case, which I still doubt somewhat, then im sorry he got made. But that honestly has nothing to do with any of us, that's between him and MikeK.

I'm already working on a couple designs, I best post a work in progress thread in case this shit happens again lmao. Will do that in a minute if that's fine, and hopefully this next theme wont take half a century to complete, I'll get it designed then when everyone has added their 2cents 9as was the case with Jero btw) then i'll code it html/css and give it you to sprinkle fairy dust over Smile

again, I appreciate your trust in me jesse and your constant support.
Also what is very strange is, reading that thread over there, he claims "i" am making money out of this???? How am I making money off of this? LMAO. I could have made money by selling it to that crazy Amanda person a while back, remember? It's in this thread I think still...But I DID NOT.

I am not making money off of this theme, not because I can't but because I chose not to. What a brave nutty thing to say by him, guys is clueless..
The MIT Dropout - Guy
I don't know what he was thinking. I had about 3 long posts there that I just deleted. I assume he is young and naive about how the real world of intellectual property actually works. Even worse he has no skills to do what he says he did.
(Oct 19, 2009, 12:17 PM)labrocca Wrote: I don't know what he was thinking. I had about 3 long posts there that I just deleted. I assume he is young and naive about how the real world of intellectual property actually works. Even worse he has no skills to do what he says he did.

Yeah I read some of your posts through his quotes, hilarious that he still tried to argue. Not the first time we see stuff like this happen so i'm not surprised, just good it did, now I know to upload my designs as a way of time stamping everything for future reference.
The MIT Dropout - Guy
You might also want to watermark any works in progress.

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