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JERO - mybb 1.4x exclusive theme
(Oct 19, 2009, 02:25 PM)labrocca Wrote: You might also want to watermark any works in progress.
yeah good idea mate, never thought the community was this messed up, really sad to see that but hey, it goes on everywhere so only expected.
The MIT Dropout - Guy
Just curious, any of you guys interested in a 'light' version of Jero as that will be easy to cook up? I've had a few people tweet me asking for it so I'm wondering what the deal is. Let me know.

Also a heads up, the Zova designs are done and should be in labrocca's hands to code up in a day or keep an eye on that Smile
The MIT Dropout - Guy
I would like a light version too.
I didn't follow this thread for quite a while but took a look at the live demo now - it's absolutely amazing.

Great job jeremiah!
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Great Job man, Im Using this theme for The Forums on my site
so where do i put the "read , unread and header"
inside the image?
Where is logout button?
(Nov 30, 2009, 04:59 AM)arctic Wrote: Where is logout button?

Got the same Q.
The icons don't load for me.
There are alot of issues with it.

In the forum catagory items (hot topic, etc..) the colors are to hard to see. Make them
Also do that with the forum post icons.

If you can it would look better to make the edges rounder. Make it more sleek.

one more thing, On the catagoy not make it so white and standoutish....if that is a word...make it match a bit better. The contrast is ok, but hard on the eyes a bit.

Over all it is really nice.

Onyx Gives you a 7/10
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