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JERO - mybb 1.4x exclusive theme

I've been looking for a decent looking Mybb theme, and I found it. You rock Smile

ALSO. This will really make Mybbcentral 10X more appealing. Since there are other mods sites, and themes site out there, but not really a mod/theme combination site. I cannot wait to be able to download this Tongue
Mybb Central is a place for themes and plugins but I have turned most of my attention to plugins. I know that eventually I get out some themes or find a good enough designer to make some for me.

For 1.2x I had some pretty popular themes well before launched.
Agreed, this theme will be a great draw I think. Hopefully we can see a consistent addition of themes like this. I wish I could design themes. Sad
Yep...I gotta feeling you will see this theme on a number of boards. Mine included.
It's beautiful theme.
One of the best! :O
this is probably the best theme i've seen for mybb but i'd probably want it in a different colour.
This theme is already released?
I don't see the attachment or download link... uhm.
It isn't released yet.
Oh ok, and when it will be released?
When it's finished I guess.

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