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JERO - mybb 1.4x exclusive theme
Nah man i so can't be assed and i don't just slap up things like that, if i do the second it will be on a dif theme as I like to go all out on the entire theme and make it all look yummy else it'll be out of place with other aspects like buttons, navigation, and so on. Maybe not right after Jero, i might use that style on the 3rd of 4th, next one after Jero will be a light colored one for sure.
The MIT Dropout - Guy
very nice, if you get good enough you should charge $

I wouldn't mind paying.
Can't wait to see more of this. Looks great.
yeti, not interested in doing this for $, not to sound arrogant but don't really need the money. These themes will be exclusive to MyBBCentral, simple as that Smile

Here's a Preview; (enjoy)
Here's a scaled version, CLICK HERE for a full version preview. (just so you know, a lot of this will be dynamic, ie curved edges and so on, it will be light weight and super fast using as few images as possible, you can count on it plus my coding is better than my design skills believe it or not...heh.)
[Image: jero_scaled.png]

Jesse, wipe that drool from you chin Wink

If yall have some final comments post them now or forever hold your peace, will start coding this in a few hours, should be done with the beta version of the theme tomorrow or something just gotta pimp out what profiles will look like and the rest of the styling.

PS. yeah im working on the header area so you can either stick a logo in the corner like I did or have a full width banner.
The MIT Dropout - Guy
Looks awesome. If I may, I'd like to make a tiny suggestion.... I love the look of the navigation and the sleek modern looking member block. However, I think the Administration,and Logout links should be in the member block so as to leave room in the navigation bar to add custom links to custom pages and stuff. Some sites (mine included) have added custom pages that need to be added to the nav bar. With those links there, it kinda limits it for space.
Just a suggestion...however if need be, one can move those links themselves.
I applaud you on designing a modern sleek looking skin.
Can't wait to see it in action...Jesse isn't the only one drooling! should also add a copyright in there somewhere too.
Yeah think ima leave the logout/login button where it is. Same with administration, rules Ill prob take out.

Way i see it if your not logged in or are, you want that there to use, and if ur not an admin then that button spot wont be an issue really, I figure there's room for like 10 buttons. On your site Gordie i see 11 so i get what you mean. I'll see what I can do about that come time to code Smile Glad you like it...didnt spend much time on the design I know but I promise my next theme will be tons more impressive.
The MIT Dropout - Guy
I don't drool.Looking sleek though.

The difficulty will be with templating this for mybb in a way that doesn't break functionality. Let me know if you need help in that area.
i was saying to charge $ so that you pump out abunch of good ones,

most people who do stuff for free don't keep up with their work.
Jesse, already started coding, was bumpy at first but have worked a lot out already, it will work, might have to adjust the stat sections but that's about it.

yeti, i'm not like most people, effort i put into paid design/dev work is the same as that which i put into free work. Smile
The MIT Dropout - Guy
glad to hear it Big Grin

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