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JERO - mybb 1.4x exclusive theme
Amanda, PM me, I'll be willing to create a different custom theme for you if you want within that price range. I can't sell exclusive rights for this one, it should remain free, very sorry. Please do consider downloading it though, ill also be willing to make custom changes to it for you when it's done, free of charge, by that I mean the color/nav changes you prev noted.

How does that sound? Smile
The MIT Dropout - Guy
Great idea, Jeremiah...this way everyone will be happy Smile
No thanks, good luck with making money by offering it for free. What a waste of talent.
Ouch, does that mean we're not friends anymore? Tongue
Come on, yours will look dif after i make the changes for it, and really, not to sound arrogant or whatever but I don't need the $ anyway so providing it for free is fine by me +karma my way for sure Smile
The MIT Dropout - Guy
You should not have said you would sell it for $700 then, how unproffesional.
Quote:Well I mean people here would be pretty disappointed if I did sell it you Amanda, but if I’m to slap a price tag to it, it would be say…$700? mainly because I don’t want to part with it and give away exclusive rights to anyone.

I never said I was going to sell it, I merely stated the price tag for such a theme. Please refrain from making retarded comments Amanda, go find yourself someone else to design your theme. How fucking immature.
The MIT Dropout - Guy
If I may be so bold as to step in here...

Quote:but if I’m to slap a price tag to it, it would be say…$700? mainly because I don’t want to part with it and give away exclusive rights to anyone.

Note the "if".

In my opinion, jeremiah has spent his time and his work on this theme, and I feel everyone should respect his decision to do what he wants with it. If it means allowing it to be downloaded for free, then so be it. On the flip side, if he decides to sell it, then we have to respect that as well. The bottom line's his decision to make. There will be other themes, I'm sure.

@amanda...with all do respect...I don't feel it is a "waste of talent". He will be providing a very profession looking theme to the MyBB community as a whole...including yourself. He has also offered to design a custom theme for you, or redesign this one to suit your needs.

Just my 2 cents worth.
You can't goad him for a price then use it against him. For $700 if you want it he should sell. He is a strong enough designer that it's not a fluke and he can just make another one for us. If you really want it...then buy it. Know that if you don't want it exclusively he plans to release it here for the Mybb Central subscribers.

Send him a PM for some custom work. Part of the reasons he is here is for that purpose. He knows Mybb Central is THE place for exclusive Mybb plugins and hopefully we can get the same for themes.

Either way keep up the great work and again...any help you need just ask but it sounds like you have it covered and enjoy the learning of mybb. If you have a test site let me know so I can test functionality. Basically you gotta make sure the javascript doesn't break.
Thanks Jesse, appreciate the support. You're spot on, the JS is the only thing left that im working on. I'll PM you a link later to test it out.

For the rest of you Mybb subscribers I already started with another design (i was bored of coding) will post a preview later, the one after JERO will rock your panties for sure Smile
The MIT Dropout - Guy
(Nov 17, 2008, 09:18 AM)Amanda Moris Wrote: No thanks, good luck with making money by offering it for free. What a waste of talent.

I think that's a pretty weird comment. Not everything revolves around money. This theme genuinely looks amazing, and I'm not just saying that to be kind or friendly, I mean it, it's a bloody good theme, and for him to want to offer it openly for subscribers when he could get a lot of money for it is quite an honourable thing IMO.

I also find it a bit weird that he offered to make you a custom one, which would be just as exclusive, and you say no?? I don't really understand that.

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