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I need your HELP
Working good in Egypt. Day after tomorrow i'll be in the Netherlands will try it from there Smile
The MIT Dropout - Guy
Alright...that's at least 3-4 independent confirmations.

Consider this officially fixed.
(Nov 17, 2008, 08:05 PM)labrocca Wrote: Can everyone go to the "upgrade" link in header and click the subcribe button?

I need to know who it works for and who it doesn't. I made some changes because the page didn't validate. It appears a character was encoded wrong. That might have been the cause. I know that if the form is screwy it doesn't work.

So please...just click the button on the subscribe page and see if you go to the Subscription Signup form. You do not need to signup.

Report back in this thread if it was fail or success.

Thank you.

Works for me Labrocca.

EDIT: Just read your last post Tongue
Works fine in USA.Big Grin

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