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Image HTML problem
whenever i put html code in the box the image shows up but there's extra coding showned
[Image: aaaaabl5.jpg]
the HTML code

<img alt="" src="" onload="NcodeImageResizer.createOn(this);" border="0" originalWidth="153" originalHeight="39"></p>
any helpSad
What effect do you want?
I know this isn't helpful but is such a large image needed for a screenshot that size??
loque i just want the extra code to go away when i post the html
matt i don't know how to make the screenshots smaller size sorry
What exactly does the image do?? Link to a new page or open something with javascript??
its a image that glows
yes it opens with javascript
The effect work fine with your code manish?
The problem is only the code showned?
its ok
i found out why this is happing because of the javascript
thankx 4 all your help
(Nov 22, 2008, 06:09 AM)manish Wrote: its ok
i found out why this is happing because of the javascript
thankx 4 all your help
Can i see the effect?
Link? (if you want) Smile
Link 4 wat? the image

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