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Good way to go about posts?
I have made it required on my forums that a user needs to post atleast 5 times to see links & images.

whats a good idea to stop gibberish posting? Is there a plugin or something that could maybe help?

or do you all have any ideas.
Well, you could moderate it and that's about all. As it may effect posts that aren't gibberish.
I just went ahead and removed it. Oh well lol
You have to be careful instituting min post requirements. If you have a forum that's not moderated people will abuse and spam.
yeah, but i did make it so that users need to post atleast 5 times to give reputation. this will avoid most people to keep repping themselves, lol.
I know a plugin that allow the access to the users that have minimum a number of post in a specific forum... i can link it.
Yeah we all know about that plugin. It's at the Mybboard mods area.

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