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Login Field Change 1.4.3
Yup, you are correct matt

If we just change this like i said.. problem solved Smile

Can you help us labrocca with that mod?
Again...And what are your cookie settings?

What is the site URL?

You want my help I need information. Don't expect me to just do as you want without giving me all the info I need. I really think you have a misconfiguration because I have never had any issues on 3 seperate hosts with five seperate 1.4x forums.

fyi..I found your site. Had to do some googling based in your image.

I can almost guarantee that you have improper cookie settings.
Very sorry bro... site is

Here are my setting
[Image: warpte.jpg]

You may be correct about this, but its only the index login it does not remember.

I can change whatever you want me to. Thanks for helping me Smile
Cookie domain:
Cookie Path: /community/

Problem solved.
Thanks bro.. added that.

Still no fix, the type of login link/box on the index just never seams to works.
I cleared my old cookies and removed ff old user info. Still no go.

I am sure my members are also have the issue still.

The info you game me to add is still great help, i needed that as you said.
I will just ask at to give me the needed code changes to add the proper login box on the index.

Thanks for your time Cool
I have the same problem. And I have correct cookie settings on my board.
ok Wintermute,
keep checking here till someone helps us add a proper login box.

Should not be long Smile
Have you tried to "revert template" for the login box? And you had your cookies wrong so make damn sure you clear your browsers cookies before you think it's not fixed when it very well might be. I been telling you this whole time it's your cookies and sure had them wrong. I still believe that's the issue but make sure that your templates are original because mybb has altered the login templates and if they didn't revert during upgrade they will not work properly.

I signed up at your site. Did you know you have a lot of validation errors?

You have a serious problem and you are trying to patch it incorrectly. You need to find out why your cookies aren't being written correctly otherwise you may have a lot of other problems related to that.
We did not upgrade the board. We did a fresh install and used nothing from the old board except for the db.
The template we are using is the default mybb template, altered by me to give the style/color you see.
also, the login templates have not been touched or altered in any way by me.

I understand what you are saying, but this is "only" an issue on the index using the login link to login.
If i log in any other way it remembers, like clicking on the members list.. clicking the search.. and so on. That page that come up does remember.

validation errors you are talking about, i do not know.
We do not use validation. We have a section new members must post in after signing up. Then we activate them ourselves.

I'll just add that login box and all will be good. I don't care about the cookie issue outside of that, i have set it correct now.
The board is working great and there is no issues reported from members or staff except the stupid link login.

mybb 1.2 login was much better having the "quick login" box. Why they got rid of it is beyond me ..hehe
[Image: mu9a36.jpg]

Please bro, i would like to just add this quick login .. and move on.

Thanks labrocca
The mybb login is a quick login box. And I am having zero problems on Opera, IE, or Firefox with your site. I have logged in, logged out, back in, closed browser, check different pages, and so forth. Not one single thing wrong.

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