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MYPS 1.4x Core
Basically as i understand it points are like forum money. you can have lotteries and can set up sort of shops in your forums.
Members can pay for stuff/donate points by clicking on the persons name/going to their profile, and clicking donate points to [person].
Ok, thanks.

But what can they 'buy'? Do I have to sell actual things, or are there things they can buy within the forum?

And where are the mods for MyBB 1.4? I can't find them.

Under Plugins and Hacks
There are numerous mods for it and they are all worth it Big Grin
There are none for MyBB 1.4?
There are no modules for MYPS 1.4 yet, no.
Could anyone give me the template edits necessary for the postbit?
I've installed a new skin and couldn't see any updates in it? :S..
Thank you Smile.
- Shadows.
No the changes won't magically appear in skins added after.

Add <!-- MYPS --!> to your postbit_author_user template wherever you want it.
Lol yeah i knew that, i tried opening the plugin but couldn't find what i had to replace & where haha.
Thanks a lot MattR you saved my life xD..
- Shadows.
This is a great addon!
cool plug in,

Thanks Man Smile XD

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