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Match Rank v1.0 (beta)
Oh. Well, it can be done!
this is great as my website plays in online pool games.

So what would be good as an idea is that a admin can create a Tournament then users on the forum can jump/join that tournament. Then ones registration has closed the system auto says who is playing against who. then the admin just records the wins and loses and the system keeps creating games accordingly until there is a winner Smile.
A ladder system is something I will consider for a tournament. This is a weird plugin and can go so many places. It's going to take time to properly work out all the development angles.
Well, for me this could be the best plugin you've ever made Jesse!
It has many aspects and together with MyCredits it'd definately boost our MyBBs a lot!

If I can help you with anything (I made group system at my site), drop me a PM.
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have i been a total noob and missed this bit... but is there an area to edit the rules. coz i cant find it.
Edit the template. match_rank_rules
Any progress on this? Smile
German Translator. Probleme mit MybbCentral Plugins? Kontaktiert mich.
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After the hacking of my server I been booked doing that and then I did a couple small plugins quick that my users wanted at HF. So it will probably be after Christmas that I look into Match Rank again.
Another feature I would like to see in addition to previously suggested ones: A limit on how many matches can be played between the same two players per calendar week. I currently have a rule for this but I would prefer a systematic way to prevent it rather than scouring for people going over the limit.

Also, the search function being active would be useful; I actually find myself wishing it was working now.

Also, a small search field to search through teams on the user-end.
Yeah the search is there to be working one day. I just added the page there for now but it will be functional eventually. There are also settings that need to be functional too. Pretty much I am gonna hold off on this till 2009 then see if I can find a few hours to update this. Hopefully Brad you can assist me in testing and also fine-tuning things.

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