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Any Openion about My Site.
Splash page takes too long too load and im not sure it does your otherwise nice looking forum any justice.

You have waay too many forums as im sure you either know or want..but i feel that the forum could be 'alot' tighter in terms of less forums - perhaps you could merge a few.

Banner scared the living daylights out of me when it first popped up, lol

Nice looking site though..just tighten up the forum and you may well progress further!
Yeah not bad my man. I think you could reduce the number of categories on the front page, just have major titles, leading to more posts.
The intro page doesn't look right on my computer. Some of the text is hidden under the image and is spread all across the screen.
First off, too many catagories, as already stated. i noticed you have a forum for hacking tricks under it´s own catagory. Why not place that under the PC catagory? You also have a forum for login problems and a forum for tutorials on downloading, again, the download one could probably go into a catagory with all your other pc related forums, and why do you need a forum for login problems? I would generalise that one more, and have it for all site problems.

You have a catagory for moderator applications, worse yet, you have two for moderator (looks general) and one for female the first place that could be counted as sexist as you have segregated them, and second...why? surely mod positions would be better offered to people by you, or advertised when needed, and if you want to keep the forum method, get rid of one, and place the other in a general catagory (such as with your problems forum)

Your fun catagory could be grouped into one forum, (say humour) and again, you have a software forum there that could go as a sub forum of your PC apps forum.

Your music one could be a copyright problem, especially if your members are posting music there, so watch yourself on that score.

You have too many forums for your mobile phone section, (what´s with the 60 series software 80´s series software..then the same for games? can´t they be combined)

i would also combine your certification forums as they are under used to have that many, and to be honest I can´t see them being used often anyway.

Spelling and grammar is a major problem on your site aswell, so I´d address that as soon as possible, and I would also replace the MyBB copyright..again your in breach of copyright law so I´d watch your back on there.

Generally speaking it looks a good forum, but you have too much going on, and need to condense it greatly as it gets too boring to figure out where to post things and I believe this could have negative affects on members.
The intro page looks great!
luv the intro
Its nice! Some of the text in the intro dissapears to quickly to read though. Did you make the intro yourself or was it a premade one?
its not a mybb but a vbulletin forum
And it's also a 17 month old thread.

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