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Mybb2pdf v1.0
Dear Labrocca,
I've downloaded the PDF plugin but when I click on
Export as PDF
it tell me:
Quote:This version of PHP is not supported
What should i do?

Edit: My version of PHP is 4.3.9
you should update to 5... Smile
If it's php5 only then you really can't do anything. As suggested...upgrade to php5. Mybb is dropping support for php4 soon.
I found a small issue. This plugin does not properly handle lists. It does not show the bullet points or numbers and pushes it all into one line. Or did you make it to be this way?


#15's not really going to parse lists in that manner. It's a very very basic HTML parser almost to the point it's useless. I am hoping to revisit this plugin in the future and do more with it.
Oh, ok. Thanks for the reply.
Love this plugin's idea. I love so much that I installed it immediately after paying you.
But (there is always a "but"), The PDFs are unreadable. My furom is in Hebrew and I know that this is the problem. I did try changing the font this plugin uses. none worked.

Here is how it shows in the furom:
And here is the result of the PDF file:

Can you tell me what to change so it will work?

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I would need access to your forums and FTP to troubleshoot this. And I still can't guarantee I can get it to work.
Hey would it be possible to add this to the download pm's function? I didn't think anyone used it until I was told how worthless it was.
I don't understand what you think is worthless? I find the current download PMs very useful. And sorry right now I have no plans to PDF the exports of PMs. Maybe at some later date and I will keep it in mind.

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