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Mybb2pdf v1.0
Works great, but it does not include the image code in the thread when saving. Only the chat text.
Could you please tell me the changes needed to make it save "everything"? like the [/img] code and such.
The posts in My forum are in Persian! But when I install this plugin the posts are in an unknown shape in PDF!!!!!
I think it has Problem with UTF-8!
Is there any Problem to solve it?
Sorry this isn't language compatible.
Yes I have the same problem in spanish language, the conversion is bad for some latin characters.
I have charakter problem.
I uploaded the example file:
.pdf   Frumvilgkzssg-Tma-587.pdf (Size: 59.3 KB / Downloads: 2)
And there is problem in file name: Frumvilgkzssg-Tma-587.pdf
I like Fórumvilágközösség-Téma-587.pdf filename.
Can you help my problem? I use utf-8 charaktercode in forum.

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