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I have decided to make MYPS it's own subforums here. Since development is extensive and I plan to add many features to MYPS I think it's best we have an area simply to discuss the system itself.


Q. What is MYPS?
A. MYPS is a MYbb Points System. It allows you to give forum members points based on a wide variety of parameters which you can set in the admincp.

Q. Does MYPS require core file changes and is it easy to install?
A. MYPS is very easy to install since you will not have to make core file changes. Our goal is to work on MYPS so that you will never need to change a normal MYBB file. This makes upgrading much easier for not only MYBB but MYPS as well.

Q. What other modules will work with MYPS?
A. Currently there is just the core MYPS system but there is a plugin for the arcade and Dr. Poodle plans to make his WAR game compatible with MYPS. More will be coming.

Q. What other modules are planned for MYPS?
A. LOTS...not in any particular order but we plan to produce a lottery system, some casino games, paypal/myps subscription module, myps store, and a myps rpg system.

Q. Won't all that take a long time?
A. Yes but we hope to do our best to keep updates coming. In the spirit of the mybb team we will be diligent in our coding.

Q. Can I make my own plugins for MYPS?
A. Yes you can. We do ask that you work with us and also release them here. MYPS is released under the GNU/GPL license which is in the download. 

Q. Is MYPS free?
A. Yes and No. We don't charge for individual plugins but downloads are only available to Mybb Central Subscribers. Currently it's $5 per year and that gives you access to all downloads.

Q. What do I do if I have a problem with MYPS?
A. Post in this forums and we hope to get to help you asap. You may want to post your site at least for us to view. If you require membership please provide us with a test account that's already activated.

Q. Why did you start MYPS since there was already other point systems for MYBB. 
A. The other point systems did not appear to be actively developed. I needed a points system for my own use and I felt to maximize the return on the work of creating one that I would release it for others to use.

Q. How do I upgrade to the latest MYPS if I have an older version running?
A. Inside the download you will see an extras/upgrade_instructions.txt file that should provide you the details you need. We promise to make the upgrade as painless as possible.

Q. Does MYPS offer language support for non-english sites?
A. Currently it does not but it's planned to do that in upcoming release.

More to come...

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