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Best shoutcast host?

I'm currently using Media30 for my shoutcast hosting, and its terrible. So I would just like someone's opinion on a good host to go with.

I'm looking for a cheap price, not to bothered about KBPS. Also a autoDJ would be nice (I don't mind paying)


#2 are good.
I was using
They had the best prises i could find back then..

But their support sucks..
They got some Indian dude on MSN that can barely speak English..
And the guys from the e-mail support are a little dump.. But i dont know.. maybe they were replaced Big Grin

but check it out..
I had a 25 listener / 128kpps plan.. But i think their system does not count IP addresses as listeners.. they count ISP's as listeners.. So i had 10 listeners sometimes, and it showed up 2..
(it was only for my country)
#4 is better than all those stated above, they're using the fastest network in United Kingdom and got a cheap SHOUTcast price. Smile
a good site to check out is it has reviews and comments for most major shoutcast hosting sites.
Thanks for all your help. I will be sure to check them all out.

Does anybody have a shoutcast radio currently running that I can check out?



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