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Need some help with my own modification
Hi, I hope this is the right place to ask for support. I'm trying to add a new column to the main forum display page to place small images for advertisers that want to "sponsor" a certain forum.

I opened up the forumbit_depth1_cat template and added a column:

<td class="tcat" width="85" align="center" style="white-space: nowrap"><span class="smalltext"><strong>Sponsor</strong></span></td>

I then changed the number of columns from 5 to 6.

And thats where I'm stuck.

If you look at my forum at, the table rows, backgrounds, etc., aren't carrying over into my new column. I tried taking a look at how the "ficons" worked since they appear to be somewhat similar, but I just don't have enough experience with modding MyBB to really know what I'm doing.

When its all finished, I'd like for there to be a "Sponsor" column, with just empty cells that I can manually ad an image into that an advertiser provides me with when they want to sponsor a section of the forum.

I'm not asking someone to create the mod for me, nor do I want them to - I'd like to learn myself, but could use a little help. Thanks!

Now I've made some progress.

I added the following line to forumbit_depth2_forum:

<td class="{$bgcolor}" valign="top" align="right" style="white-space: nowrap"></td>

Now the background/dividers carry over into my new section.

Now I need to figure out how to place different images within the section for each forum.
Well, I've changed some things around, hopefully this isn't too confusing xD
Your almost there. You need to do the changes in three(3) places:
1) forumbit_depth1_cat
2) forumbit_depth2_cat
3) forumbit_depth2_forum
The changes are very similar in each of the places and thus are easy to understand.
Numbers '1' and '3' are for the displaying of forums on the index and below it (like on a category page) and number '2' solves the problem of displaying forums with sub forums inside them.

Hope this helps,
P.S. You could have used "Ficons 2.0" plugin in this forum: . It solves a lot more small problem (like what picture to show when don't want to show one).
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