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A Tech Forum
Hey Guys,

Just signed up and paid for my subscription Big Grin
I have a MyBB Board, But still undergoing some changes, Please review:

Nice. How long have you had the forum running?
Not bad, I like the scrolling thing near the footer, it makes it stick out.
Nice looking forum!

Some things I noticed:
1. I'm not a fan of a shoutbox. The very first thing I see on your site are some personal back and forth banter, written in netspeak. It doesn't flow with your site. You should hide the shoutbox from guests, and only show to members.
2. The search box should fill the container box.
3. The latest threads shoudl also fill their container (the width I mean). You just need to edit the template and include more characters.

Other than those things, I really like your forum!

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