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MYPS Lottery worktable
It's pretty much ready. Just testing and fine-tuning. You can check it out here:
nice looking, can be configured that only the admin can create lotteries?
and that the lotteries are automatic, like one ends on starts automatically?
any idea of release date
An idea would be to have a repeat feature so that you can repeat that lottery weekly ect
Yes it can be set for admins to create lotteries.

No set release date but possible a week or two. I just need to add some features I have thought of now that's it in action.

You can easily create a new lottery one the old one ends. When 1.4 comes out and it has tasks...I will try to incorporate automatic new lotteries. Personally I would rather start them manually. I have had sites that they were automatted and after a while it's boring because they are the same lotteries every week. Better to start them, promote them, and change the prize.
So... when will it be released?
The 2 weeks are goneBig Grin
It was released can get it at
sorry, didn't see it...
let me get it straight,
1. the ante is what the beggining prize is? and then it increases?

2. Can it be that the prize is fixed and decided by the lottery starter??
3. The lottery has something to disable it if the participants are below a certain number?
1. Yes..the ante is deducted from the lottery started. The prize is then increased with each ticket purchase.

2. Just make the ticket cost 0. If you want limit tickets to 1 per person.

3. No it doesn't. However if there are zero participants it won't end. But if just one person buys a ticket AFTER it's end date..then that person wins the lottery de facto. I probably could add a minimum entries to end or maybe have it end when X tickets are sold. Good ideas I might incorporate into future versions.

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