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MYPS Lottery worktable
MyPS Lottery worktable (if you can understand this that's great)

Multiple Tickets per user, Max Tickets per user
Cost per Ticket
Time for Drawing
Reset lottery
Past Winners
Default Prize base
Tax on lottery
drawing randomizing
Ticket Exchanging?
Max tickets to sell
sell tickets to other members
PM the winner

mypslottery_autodraw (yesno)


mybb_mypslottery lid=lotteryid, title, winner, drawdate, prize, prize_base
mybb_mypstickets uid, tickets, buydate (timestamp)
Any idea of a release date?

And thanks for all this am really looking forward to this
Works with MYPS Bank I'm guessing? Smile
dhscott Wrote:Works with MYPS Bank I'm guessing? Smile

In what way would it work?
User pays with MYPS, wins MYPS if they win. That's how I see it (in simple terms)
Any up date on this?
No updates.
Is this still happening?
I have halted all development of plugins until 1.4 is released. Seems 1.4 has a LOT of changes and I don't want to rewrite plugins.
wow, sounds great, cant wait

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