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Plugin or MOD
I know that from using phpbb, MODs are not easy for the user to work with, and at many times, have conflicts with each other.

I like the idea of plugins to replace mods, but is there a way to automatically add a section to a theme's menu?( I haven't seen it thus far).

And If I wanted.... let's say.. "packages" that the user can create then customize in the Admin CP, is that possible? It isn't from what I have seen on plugins.

How do I get the above functionality?
Automatically add a section to a themes menu? you mean like in the toplinks or welcome panel a new link? There are 2 good ways to accomplish this in a plugin.

1. Search and replace in the template.
2. Use preg_replace() to add your link on the fly.

I have used both methods. You can view my google analytics plugin to see option 2 in action. And you can view my inline_ads plugin to see option 1 in action.

sounds good, it could interest many people.
Okay, thanks!

I will look into those.

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