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All my themes.
All of my themes are posted and updated here: no this is not an add. but since i have a few more in so little time i just add a link. but, Jesse check out the Mybb Dark theme.
Bump: How come nobody reads this anymore, my themes are good.
You give no previews, I'm not going to download and install just to even see what it looks like.
I agree with Matt. It's like going don't want to buy what you can't see. Well not quite like shopping because the themes are free...but I'm sure you get my point.
Nice, but MattR is right.
Please post it previews, if you can.
well, for one the whole forum is a screenshot. but ok.
So your forum is showing all of your themes at once, is it??


If people can't see the themes, they won't download, simple as.
Just a suggestion...if you didn't want to bother posting screenshots, why not install the Theme Changer plugin and allow guests the permission of using it. That would give them the opportunity to see what you have to offer.
oh. well ill try it and no. you must be registered.
Well if you make people register to even see the themes, I doubt you'll get many downloads if I'm honest :-/

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