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Great stuff this looks like its going to be the best mod ever
interesting Shy
When do you think it will be finished?
I haven't really started on this yet. Still working on MYPS core...I have 1.09 to release then I think 2.0 will be out which will be as close to final as I can get.
wht about relase this one for 1.4 too?
looks really good im downloding it now lol[/u]
(Oct 08, 2008, 03:39 PM)blahblahblah Wrote: looks really good im downloding it now lol[/u]

Really? you are downloading something that does not exist yet. And you are not even subscribed. Sad

I just read through the tread. I got all excited for a second thinking the bank was ready.... sigh.... no such luck...

Cant wait to see MYPS evolve. I guess im like most that way though.

Im stuck using another points/bank system until this is ready.... But patients is a virtue they say...
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I have a weird thing that happens to my sigs. Its call moderation lol

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