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Monthly Stats
Just checking thanks ;D
going to install it now
Wow, quite useful really. Now we can understand which month we get more posts and if so, make contests in these months go tet more and more posts.

I'd quite like it if these stats could be public actually.
LOL post a screenshot.
(Feb 10, 2009, 06:41 AM)MattR Wrote: I'd quite like it if these stats could be public actually.

I have that if you need it matt. It's just not part of the download yet.

However this is a big script to run and dangerous to have client side.
I would quite like it to be public, but if it'd be dangerous, that's fine. Also, how hard would it be to show the number of new members in each month??
Signups per month should be easy.
hrm.. nice plugin !
the only thing funny about it is that it says that the first posts and threads on my forum were made in December 1969. Cool

[Image: hrm.jpg]
Is there something special about 1969?? There's other plugins that involve dates and when they go wrong, they always seem to go to 1969... :|

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