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Standard change theme link?
Is there anyway I can hyperlink some text for example: 'change to blue theme' and then when it's clicked the theme changes to .. the blue theme???
well im not sure about that, but do a search on google for "myBB Quick Theme" it's a plugin that allows users to select themes quickly without needing to go to UCP
I'm using that but I need text link.
This is something that I would find extremely useful!
Im guessing it would be hard to code, because you need to know the exact name of the theme + you need to code it in, most likely.

[Image: 493.jpg]
Found a way, what you have to do is use javascript to change the CSS style. But, I can't use this because my site is using two stylesheets, one for the main bit and one for the header.
For me the quick change doesn't work. So I'd also like to know this or some new plugin.
Did you get the updated version?? Tiki updated it work for guests.
Yep bro I did update it but still it doesn't work.
Well, it works perfectly well for me :/

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