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[Release - 1.4x] RedWeb
This skin professionally combines red and silver gradients to provide a corporate feel. This is part of the 'Web' series.

File Details
Description: Professional/Corporate Theme. Includes a vB styled header, and a customized footer.
Color Scheme: Red and Silver
Tags: Red, Silver, Professional, Corporate, Web Series, vBulletin
Screenshots: Index, Forum Display, Topic Display

Latest Version: 1.0
Built For: MyBB 1.4.4
File License: MyBB Studios EULA 1.0

Subscription Information: In order to download, get upgrades, and get support for MyBB Studios' skins and themes, you must have an active subscription. Subscriptions cost $5/year.

Download RedWeb
Very nice themes, i was wondering if you have "BlackWeb" in the series planned soon? Smile
I was actually going to make a GreenWeb, but BlackWeb might be a good addition as well Smile Thanks for the idea.

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