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[Request] Sub forum sponsor and time controlling
A plugin that allows you to easily enter a sub forum "Sponsored by : xxx" message one line (<br />) beneath the forum description (actually inside).

Your probably thinking, you can do that already. The plugin can be told to keep it for X amount of days.

So, you enter a link, choose the forum, then set days.

This would be really handy for me. I have 30 + sub forums that each need a forum description so remembering the dates and taking them off is a pain. This plugin leaves the link on for the right amount of time.
#2 is the thing. People want plugins to simplify their life but it's not always the best answer.

Any plugin is still going to require you to login to admincp, find the control area for this plugin, create a campaign and set the time.

The creation of this plugin is very time consuming.

So why not just use the regular forum description and remember when to remove the code?

To remember dates do like I do...add comment tags <!--// end feb 15 -->

It's that easy.
Well I suppose, it's just these type of plugins make it easier.

Also developing these plugins get your more subscribers. Imagine how many users here want sponsors to sponsor there forums. ... It's hard to remember around 30 dates.. will the <!--// end feb 15 --> display when entered or will it be hidden..
The comment should be hidden in the source code only. You won't see it on the forum itself.

Quote:Also developing these plugins get your more subscribers.

True but I am one man...I can't code every project that someone wants. Really this isn't something I would expect many to use.

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