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Current Plugin List (Updated:July 2/2010)
Don't sweat it.
He gave you his permission, so don't let it bother you.
I'm going to try it out on my own site too.
Awesome, so far it's worked perfectly fine for mine Smile
nice,huge list
[Image: neo.png]

[Image: userbar.php?uid=1]

Is it possible for who updates this list to put some sort of mark to the new added plugins on the update? It'd be very useful Smile

I sure can...New plugins will be bolded from this day forward. Once I update it the second time, the old bolded ones will be normal again, and the newly added ones will be bolded.

So Bold = new
Thanks Smile I'm pretty sure many people (including me) will find this as a big help
The link to the MySpecs plugin goes to the MySideBoxes plugin, and the link to the MySideBoxes plugin goes to an outdated version of it.
Both fixed.
Thank you.
Is this thread still updated?
You should put MyTweet on that list Big Grin

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