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Current Plugin List (Updated:July 2/2010)
HELP!!! i wan to become subscriber.. but can only pay via paypal... admin please come online.. urgent!! need a plugin..
Excellent selection of plugins, well worth the ten bucks!
Do you like Comedy? Show Me Funny!
Good job. Great work on the list creator, and the maker of those plugins.

I bookmarked It.Thanks for sharing.
This should be updated cause I saw some plugins that where made new I think?
[Image: userbar.png]
I wanted to keep this thread for Labrocca's plugins only. There are a couple of plugins here by other authors, but there's nothing stopping them from removing the plugin whenever they want.

However, here's what I will do...I'll add other author's plugins to the bottom of the list (in a sort of sub-list). That way, the links will still be available to everyone.
Wow great list my friend

[Image: neomatrix.jpg]
[Image: 23suqdz.jpg][Image: hty8nn.gif]2 OF THE BEST MYBB SITES

Quick Review: Great list and contribution, thank you very much, i love the Easter egg hunt,,,,, didn't really have any issues with any of them - very user friendly - this place rocks
[Image: 23suqdz.jpg][Image: hty8nn.gif]2 OF THE BEST MYBB SITES

52 plugins and counting
How was the list updated July 07, if we're in July 02?

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