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Current Plugin List (Updated:July 2/2010)
I got a question: which plugins are new and which have been on here for ... however long before?
[Image: mybbsig.php]
The one with [NEW] next to it is the latest one added. That prefix will remain there until another one is released.
As for how long each plugin was here, you'd have to look at the first post in each release thread.
No matter how long they have been here, they have all been updated to work with the latest release of MyBB. So age isn't an issue.
Haha nice list, will be installing some of these soon.
You have to Upgrade to download these plugins.
Yes I know that, I purchased premium moments ago!

I said soon because I must wait for them to upgrade me.
Welcome to the group.
You forgot Neg Rep Control Wink
I'm having trouble with this plugin (Online24), on my site its really thin.
[Image: error.jpg]
Any ideas what is wrong?
[align=center][Image: 5x6hli.jpg]
nyc one Smile
proud of being pinoy Smile
Great list. Big Grin
It's always good to be organized.

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