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Tabbed Menu
After messing around with it in 1.6, I found out you can't have more than 1 category under the same tab.
All categories except for the first will be under ever tab if you try that.
This fix would be great Smile

Also, the features of the selected tab (like down 1px and change color) don't change when selecting other tabs.
I tried messing with them in tabbed.css but couldn't get anything.
I'll test this as best I can for 1.6x.
Hey !

I've a little problem when i create tabbed sections ...

First i've create a tabbed named " General" OK, it works, i've the 2 sections.

But when i create an other tabbed, i can't see the section i've placed.

Screen :

Thank you for your help.
See this guide for that
Yes i know, but i've already </div> at the end of the template
Then try the other solutions.
Acually, tabs is working perfect for me, even with 2 categories under the same tab.
It may be becaus I have one category under every tab now, except the first, where i have two.
The only thing is, every tab I go to, adds another linebreak or space between the tabs and the forums.
For example, the first tab has no spaces. The second tab adds a space. The 6th tab adds 5 spaces.
Going back to the first tab takes away the spaces.

So fixes should include:
1. Fixing spaces under the tab menu.
2. Adding a way to number-order them.
Unable to download Sad I think there are problems on the site sory bad english
(Aug 13, 2010, 10:37 AM)Polat Wrote: Unable to download Sad I think there are problems on the site sory bad english

[Image: inzimg.png]

Nice work and nice plugin

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