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MYPS Restriction
I've made a "plugin" for making MYPS usefull, at least i hope =D, until other mods get released. It's based on my other plugin, min. posts for making a new thread, so with this one you can add restrictions ( a min. MYPS ) for viewing a Forum. When you activate, it will add a new link to the AdminNav of MYPS.
[Image: admin_nav.jpg]

When you click on it, it will return this "page".
[Image: admin.jpg]

Install Notes ::
Install ::

* Upload min_myps.php to your /inc/plugins/ folder.
* Upload min_myps_admin.php to your /admin/ folder.
* Upload delete.gif and edit.gif to your /images/ folder.

* Go To Your PluginManager And Activate The Minimum MYPS For Viewing A Forum Plugin.
* Go To Your Settings ... Look Into MYPS Settings And Set The Status For Min. MYPS For Viewing A Forum To YES.

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Excellent.  I will have to check it out but that's exactly how I see good plugins for MYPS.  I am glad I didn't make this part of core.  Smile

fyi...I am almost done with 1.09 and it has a lot of additions to it.

EDIT: So far just one comment...on the admin nav function you don't need to do it they way you did...try this:

PHP Code:
global $menu$mybb$lang;
$menu[270]['items'][] = array('title' => "Restrictions"'url' => "min_myps_admin.php?".SID."&action=main"); 

Basically that should work just fine to add the line to menu array 270 (myps).

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