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Online24 v2.0
Hey guys I'm having trouble with this plug-in .look at the attachment to see. some members show up twice

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If you'd read the thread for this plugin you would realize this is a known, non-resolvable issue due to the way the plugin is designed.
If it is a Known Issue then it needs to be in the first post. How many times did you read the thread completely before downloading something ? none or may be 1 . Wink
is there something like " ignore duplicates " I'm not that much into php , but i think it is possible
ow and view them in order (by the name) this one is possible for sure cuz when you look at whos online they are in order Wink
Quote:is there something like " ignore duplicates " I'm not that much into php , but i think it is possible

I could probably take a look and see if I can do something but I want this to be as uncomplicated as possible. Part of the issue is you want just ONE query that counts and breaks everything down. I don't want to create a query that looks for unique members, then guests/bots. My current method is really the most efficient way to gain the results. The duplicates imho are rare.
PM sent with log in details and site url
I think by 'take a look' he means take a look at the plugin code and see what can be done to fix it, no...??
whatever it is I'm willing to provide the info as long as it helps Smile

in my forum the duplicates aren't rare Sad I have a user whos username is displayed like 4 times .

Is there a way that this plug in can ignore duplicate usernames ? I mean is it possible to implement some kind of code into this plug-in to ignore duplicates?
That's because they log out and back in a lot. Do you have a lot of users in 24 hours? You'll obviously notice this more if you only have like 20 or so online in a day. If that's the case you may just want to alter the regular whos online to be 24 hours. There is also similar plugins that do the same as mine but with more load and more accuracy. Check the Mybboard Mods site. Sorry but I just don't see the need to alter my plugin as it does exactly what it's intended to do.

The plugin grabs the sessions table, sorts the results, and displays. Very quick and for most people it's accurate enough that the balance between load and accuracy are negligable. I use it here...I don't often see duplicates. I ran this at for a long time and I was getting 1200+ people on the list with very few duplicates. You wouldn't even notice them unless you really really searched for them.
is there a way to combine those 2 ? i like the bot and guests there too Smile ( may be thats a question for for the other plug=in creator )
Maybe someone has logged in your account from a different place or computer.
Or maybe you are using a proxy when browsing a forum.

Or maybe its an internal error.
For me it seem to be going fine.

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