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DarkOrange ported myBB 1.4.4
(Feb 28, 2009, 10:51 AM)mister_don Wrote:

thanks.. Big Grin
Nice Theme
This problem ?

[Image: darkorange.jpg]
i love this theme but thairs a major bug
on admin IT will not show mod cp link and you cant see the forum rules that mods announce
gorgeous theme, thanks!
It's like AN Adam mentioned in the post above..

I downloaded this theme and really love it.. it has a glitch of some kind though that I would like you to see or tell me how to fix..—€” appears between admincp and log out. When I loaded the theme I did make sure that I had put it to the correct settings. What would cause this and how can I repair it. Thank you
How do you fix the problem Megawatt is showing? great theme thanks
can anyone port it to 1.4.11 ? lot of plugins don't work with it :/ and theme is great !
It looks good but it takes too long to download, the images are to big in file size.
[Image: jsnippetsbanner.jpg]
Latest Theme: CMS BB.
(May 03, 2009, 06:16 AM)megawatt Wrote: This problem ?

[Image: darkorange.jpg]

This problem YEah


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