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Interested in learning how to make.
I'd really like to learn how to make themes for MyBB forums. I recently opened my forum and I want to make an "Internet money making" theme. I tried messing around with the Justin S themes, but I can't publish them because then it would be tampering with his work. Is there any guide on how to make themes? I know advanced HTML and fairly advanced CSS. Any guide whatsoever would be greatly appreciated Big Grin
well if your using them for your self, why does it matter if u publish or them not?

From R1?
havent seen you n ages??

^Background generator for ya Wink

I hope that helps
Ever really understood the Gospel?
The Gospel
(Mar 04, 2009, 07:13 PM)Rookie_RAcer Wrote: Breakerss

From R1?
havent seen you n ages??

Nope, it's blade. Breakers owed me 5 bucks so I he gave me his MyBBcentral subscription instead. Brand spanken new, he had it for a day and didn't even download anything. Pretty much bought it for me >.< Breakers is a douche anyways.
@Breakers. You say you did not pay for the subscription. Rather that someone gave you his account?
I have a feeling that is not acceptable here mate.
FTW Forum <-- Home of the DAMNED!
I have a weird thing that happens to my sigs. Its call moderation lol
lmao wow

his custom title is pretty ironic now
xD thats awesome
Ever really understood the Gospel?
The Gospel

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