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Display message to Guest users

I have a paid-support forum, how can I display a message to guests, without displaying it to a logged in user?

i have something similar, i simply posted a link in the board (that only guest can see), and gave them access to read the general section, and put this link on the top and bottom of this section.
Use the Welcomeblock_guest template.
Yes, but that displays in the Welcome block, I want it to be in the main area of the page, where forums would normally be displayed, without creating an actual forum.
So you want forums replaced with this message? I don't understand what you want to achieve. Can you screenshot and mark where you want this? The problem is default mybb doesn't allow for template conditionals. Go over to mybboard and look for a plugin that does that and then you can just alter the template with a conditional.
Do you mean you want it just on the index and not globally? Or do you want it in between one of the forums?
Do you mean instead of showing the forums, it would show a message, but the message would not be a forum?
you mean something like what's on here?

where, until i login, it asks me to login to get rid of the annoying ads. once i login, the ads go away, as well as the message. I actually think that he has his written inside his ads, where it changes for registered members (or goes away altogether). I'm not sure.
Sorry for the late reply...

Yes, exactly. LIke the ads, only a message.
Just use welcome block for guests. You can make a div in there and give it fixed position to the top. Or have it float around. However it's your best method but it will display for all guests on all pages.

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