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Pluggins not working
(Mar 07, 2009, 12:36 AM)DAMINK Wrote: Member templates then member profile i think.

yeah.. ok.. tell me which code i mean from where we shuld copy the code and put in members prof template

Just tell me what i should do to the post bit.. to align perfectly
Honestly im like the last person here you should ask. I simply thought it was a small problem.
It does appear its a bigger one and if so Labrocca or Bey Brad will stear you in the correct direction.
As far as the code i really dont know. I dont use Labroccas MYPS. When i did use it I did and had spacing issues also that i was able to fix in the template/postbit/member area but i thing your problem is different. And you want help with the profile also. Once again i stumble around my forum and do rely on loads of help from members like i stated above. I do always look out for the green highlighted template bits. There often the ones that have been edited most recent i believe and if a plugin had been introduced i guess its likely one of those have been edited for that reason.
Beyond that i may simply be stearing you in the wrong direction and i dont want to do that.
Sorry mate i did try.
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