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My Specs
Oh,Thanks labrocca [Image: 4xvim2p.gif]
Very nice sir, thanks Smile
[Image: mybbsig.php]
Labrocca, I'm getting ready to launch a private site dealing with ancestry, family trees, and that sort of thing.
Would it be ok to edit this plugin to display genealogical info instead of system specs?
Sort of like:
Mother's Maiden Name:
Place Of Birth:

Sure beats adding all those custom profile fields.

EDIT: NVM...just noticed you said we can edit the language files
IS it possible to disable the fact that users can edit their own Specs, only moderators and admins can in the ModCP?
Ever really understood the Gospel?
The Gospel
What if they have a typo or change their specs? Why don't you want this editable?

xTreme- Yes sure edit the fields how you want.
Because I plan on changing the language files to make it "Nation, State, City, etc..." and I don't want this edittable by the users because then they will be able to vote in other nations/states/cities polls. *TheWorldRP*
Ever really understood the Gospel?
The Gospel
You should probably write a custom plugin seperately for that.
Mkays Wink

I'll be learning
Ever really understood the Gospel?
The Gospel
Sorry i'm italian and i don't understand what are Coolant and Optical...
who can explain me?

Also with img :S
Coolant is the method to cool your system..examples are heatsink, fan, or water cooled.

Optical is the type of dvd/blueray/cd drive you use...laser optical type of drives.

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