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My Specs
Didn't think I'd have a use for this but I've thought of something now that could be quite good.

Glad you released this too after the issues on the MyBB forums.
Like a fan?
(Mar 19, 2009, 12:55 AM)Trinit Wrote: Like a fan?

Yep,it use for showing user's system specification [ cpu,ram,....cooling systems(Fans) ]
Nice work. I would use this, but it isn't needed.
This is how I'm using this:

Just a list of details about MyBB for each user.
I won't be using this for Pc Specs, but will be changing it around for another use. Seems great since you can use this for anything, ie, program support forum, fav tv programs, and my fav.. a wish list!

Big Grin
There is a bug...occasionally {system_specs} is not replaced by the code and the text shows up.
The bug is quite rare, just happens every so often for some odd reason.
Well I would need to be able to repeat a bug in order to troubleshoot it. The only thing I can think of is that the scripts aren't completing for fully loading but that's rare.
I was about to code exactly this tomorrow - so glad I looked to MybbCentral today Big Grin
Thank you very much labrocca, will add german language as soon as possible...

EDIT: German language now attached, thank you mate Smile

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.php   myspecs.lang.php (Size: 745 bytes / Downloads: 2)
German Translator. Probleme mit MybbCentral Plugins? Kontaktiert mich.
[Image: mybbaddonssignatur.gif]
Can you make this so we can customize it? Say I didn't want it to be computer specs, I wanted it to be mountain bike specs (my forums topic.)

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