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Fapcor (Forum Access Post Count Requirement)
(Feb 09, 2010, 10:06 AM)syst3m4t1c Wrote: are they posting in child forums of the forum you set the 30 post requirement in? and if so then that's why

The child forums are also set with 30 minimum reuiqred posts.
Problem is, it is only applicable to guests.

To members it does not apply.
Are you testing with a moderator or admin account? Those are exempt.
(Feb 10, 2010, 01:24 AM)labrocca Wrote: Are you testing with a moderator or admin account? Those are exempt.

No, I am not. I placed the 30 post requirement in one section. But yesterda a registered member of mine was able to make a thread and do replies in it.

But it is only working for guest.
What's a link to the forum for fapcor?
I am using mybb 1.6, and it's not working. I have tested it by creating another account and I can access it like any other forum which is not set by requirement post. Is there anyone having the same problem? or is there anything I should change to the code? please help

btw, I am using this method to make the plugin compatible to 1.6

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